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Thank you for considering Fast Forward Group

We take care of your Moving & Storage needs.

Storage & Removal Packing Materials

Home Storage & Moves:

Large Cartons - Clothing and bedding & miscellaneous items

Small Cartons - books, china, glass, CDs, DVDs, Records and Videos etc.

Wardrobe Cartons - for crease free storage of clothing

Bubble Wrap - for pictures, glass and other fragile items (per metre)

Packing Paper - for wrapping glass and china (5kg packs)

Removal Bags – for bedding, cushions etc (rolls of 10)

Paper Blankets - for the wrapping of high risk furniture

Packing Tape - for the sealing of your boxes.

Plastic Covers - for mattresses, sofas and chairs etc.
Office Storage & Moves:

Standard Plastic Crates (with or without Integral lids) In 3 Sizes

IT/Computer Plastic Crates (with or without Integral lids)

Security Tags (for standard or IT crates)

Document Archive Boxes, Small, Medium and Large

Anti Static bubble Bags for PC monitors

Colour Coded Labels for identification

Bubble Wrap for pictures, glass and other fragile items, & lots of other uses!

Paper Blankets - for the wrapping of high risk furniture

Cardboard & Plastic Covers Rolls, floor covers, & Pack Paper

PLUS - Pallets for loading your goods.
PLASTIC CRATES for Office Moves & Departmental Relocations
office storage
Secure, Strong & very Efficient.

User Friendly Moving Solutions

Fast Forward Group provide a full range of quality Packing Materials. So that you can pack your possessions carefully & safely, to ensure that they are fully protected during transit and in storage.

User Friendly Moving & Storage solutions

no hidden chargesRemember, If it's packed well, then it will travel & store well!

We've got over 30 years experience and 1,000's of happy repeat customers.

• QUALITY MATERIALS - that the professionals use
• Cartons, Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Tape & more
• Fair tested & approved Terms & Conditions
• Trained Staff, & NO Hidden Charges
• Friendly, Hardworking, & always Professional.

You value your possessions so if you’re keeping them, & you will be moving them, then it's worth packing everything carefully, with the materials that Removal companies use.

You can collect them yourself direct from our warehouse, or we can deliver.

Price will be subject to the quantity ordered and delivery location.

Please Remember: Our Packing Teams, if required, are available to help you get fully prepared for Moving Day.

Please fill in the form below for the packing materials you would like and we will email you back with a quote. Collect from our warehouse or delivery charge subject to your postcode & minimum charge may apply.
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Material & Cost per Please enter Quantity
Large Boxes - 22 (L) x 16.5 (W) x 18.5 (H) £2.05 Quantity:
Small Boxes - 19.5 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 13.5 (H) £1.85 Quantity:
Hanging Boxes (Portable Wardrobes )£8.99 Quantity:
Packing Tape (per roll) £1.70 Quantity:
Packing Paper (approx. 500 sheets) £12.50 Quantity:
Bubble wrap (per metre) 1.5m wide £0.65 Quantity:
Paper Blankets £2.45 Quantity:
Heavy Duty Removal Bags (per roll) £6.30 Quantity:
Sofa Covers/Single Mattress Cover £1.95 Quantity:
Double/King size Mattress Cover £2.35 Quantity:
Armchair Cover £1.25 Quantity:
Wine Insert (for boxes) £2.65 Quantity:
Corrugated paper £0.65 Quantity:
* Required